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The three by two-meter screen in our multimedia seminar room, which also functions as a photo studio, is perfect for product presentations of the web videos. Objects with a size up to two square meters can be presented and filmed in our studio. With our equipment we will also be happy to visit you and create a professional web video of your product wherever you please.

Your business and your products

With professional product presentations, you can increase sales tremendously. Web videos make your products available to everyone. Whether your restaurant or your workshop – we will bring your product to video quickly and efficiently.

Web-videos for house or car sales

For selling your house or car, we recommend you to create a web video to additionally raise clientele. We can help you in creating web-focused videos. With the professional video you reach your target audience faster and more efficiently and increase the chance of receiving leads.

Web-videos for the CV

Have you ever wanted to introduce yourself in a short CV video? For this high quality professional videos are in demand. Our HD multi camera comes with in-built microphone function for indoor and outdoor shots. Whether short-term YouTube streaming or 360 degrees video, thanks to our equipment the Web-videos can be edited in our studio.

Web videos during a lecture

If you want to record a seminar or a lecture in the course of an event via web video, you can rent the full conference room with equipment. With us you can book not only the space and associated
equipment, but also to our technical support. Our videos are web-focused, arise quickly and are formatted for the web view.

Contact us and let our experts advise and help you with your web videos.

Do you have questions about the Coworking space or rooms, criticism, suggestions or any other requests? We are looking forward to hearing from you!