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Streaming Friday

Come in and stream out!

Your Facebook, YouTube and Periscope video updates just got easier thanks to our Friday streaming sessions. From 11:00am every Friday you can book an hour of Social Media video productivity and update your customers, community, investors and fans. This is an easy opportunity to keep your social media channels active and to build readership and folowers too.

Our studio will be ready with multiple cameras, lighting, microphones and Steve as an expert who will bring you live to Facebook, Periscope and YouTube. It easy to book, easy to use and surprisingly well-priced.
Our studio sessions are available for live streaming session and offline video recording as well. Or take the hour to get familiar with studio livestreaming, the equipment available or get on the spot training.

Our multicam broadcast studio. Built for social streaming.

Video streaming production with Coworking Bonn

Create a high quality multicam YouTube and Facebook video without having to worry about technology. Stream and update your communities. Grow your social networks.

  • Studio with flexible lightning, multicams and mics
  • Green screen
  • Helping hands and technical training by Video expert Steve
  • Videos in 1080p or live stream in 720p (Periscope: 480p)
  • Live on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope SIMULTANEOUSLY! (480p)
  • Including company logos and lower-thirds embedded in the live stream
  • Powerpoint, images or video overlay
  • Optional: Video postproduction, music, 4K etc. Book multiple sessions and work on a bigger project.


BONUS: After you have created the video, you;re welcome to stay in the Coworking Space or come back in the late afternoon when our Beer O’Clock starts at 16:30. This weekly ritual is often used by our coworkers to get together in a convivial round, have a little chitchat and review the last week. They’ll be happy to applaud you on command too!


Do you have questions about the Coworking space or rooms, criticism, suggestions or any other requests? We are looking forward to hearing from you!