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While a few decades ago exciting and sometimes heated talks dominated the media landscape, most radio stations are merely background music nowadays. The constantly blaring format radio has taken the place of a valuable and informative debate culture in broadcasting. Political talks and theme nights with heated discussions have now moved from the radio to the TV. Still, however, the program-Radio is not dead. In times of increasing technicality of the society and high transmission rates on the Internet, a content-driven radio is currently experiencing, in the form of podcasts another renaissance. Who wants to hear content on exciting topics while the car or train journey or evening in bed, without being distracted visually which you can from a podcast.

Audio on Demand

Podcast Catcher makes it possible: Thanks to special Apps users have the ability to always and everywhere have access to desired topics or discussions. These are subscribed once, usually automatically downloaded to the own terminal and can therefore be heard anywhere anytime. New technologies and the Internet have radio broadcasts not only digitalized and revolutionized, but perfected and simplified, the whole process particularly for the listener. While previously a static radio was needed today this extends to your smartphone. Download, Listen, Pause, Next hearing.Podcasts can now replace the “constantly blaring” radio.

Your own podcast in Coworking Space

In Coworking Bonn you have the option of recording their own podcasts due to space conditions and the technical equipment. Simply rent our multimedia conference room, which is not only suitable for workshops and live streaming, but can also be used as a photo studio. Do you want to record your own regular podcast, but you lack the technical know-how? No problem! In our Coworking Space we have the premises and the necessary equipment for rent. Our multimedia expert to assist you with your projects and helps you to perfect implementation incl. valuable tips and tricks. In addition, we can offer professional post processing of the recordings.

Need more information or an individual quote tailored to your needs? Then send us a simple request through our contact form.

Internet killed the Radio Star...
... many digital and Internet oriented people might think.

The conventional format of radio loses in some ways as podcasts move to the forefront. As multimedia oriented Coworking Space we can provide you with both the spatial and technical basic conditions for your own podcast. Simply rent our conference rooms and the necessary equipment.

Need tips? Our technical support is at your side, providing valuable professional tips and support in implementing your ideas and post-production.

Do you have questions about the Coworking space or rooms, criticism, suggestions or any other requests? We are looking forward to hearing from you!