CoworKing Bonn | Sebastianstraße 38
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Our rules

Coworking codex

Our rooms are cheap for one reason: we help each other. We keep our tables tidy and clean up after us. The Office Managers are happy to receive your mail if you are not present!

In our rooms, you will find like-minded people from different business sectors. Benefit from shared knowledge – together we are stronger. We also get together every Friday at “beer o’clock”, so come join us!

If you need to store something, please find the storage room.

You will find dishwashers and sinks in our two kitchens to clean up after yourself for the other coworkers. This also applies to tea spoons!

The choice of seats is not a coincidence, but a deliberate choice. If you want another desk, no problem! Just let us know.

If you want to hang something, there are cork walls. Or you ask us for permission!

If you want to dispose of anything (and by “anything” we mean rubbish) there are enough rubbish liners that are regularly emptied.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire Coworking space. You can smoke in the parking lot or outside at the front door.

We ensure that the kitchens are always supplied with enough coffee, dishes, and Haribo. If anything is missing, let us know and we’ll fill it up for you!

Don’t listen to loud music or make calls in the coworking room. If you need to take a call, there is the lounge or, if available, the conference room. And whoever wears headphones, does not want to be disturbed.

Do you have questions about the Coworking space or rooms, criticism, suggestions or any other requests? We are looking forward to hearing from you!