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Office supplies

As a Coworker with us you can purchase various items for everyday office use. Whether Pritt glue stick, envelopes, file folders, batteries, paper, or even different cables – thanks to various utensils
that are always here are in stock, the daily work of the coworkers is more relaxed.

There’s hardly anything more annoying than finding out you are missing items for the work you have to do. The journey to the stationery store is very time consuming, and time is money. To prevent such senseless actions Coworking Bonn buys the various office products and makes them available to you. Thus coworkers will always have a chance to replenish their personal products Office supplies.

The supplies are available in Space on request. For the prices for the costs of the respective supplies, please refer to the below price chart which is also on display in the Coworking space. Please pay the appropriate amount and put the money in the cashbox ‘BiteBox’.

Office supplies pricelist

Office suppliesPrice per item
Ring binder€3.00
Bachmann multiple socket outlet (6 compartment)€10.00
Varta Batteries AA€0.50
Envelope DIN Long €0.10
Protective bag C4 €0.20
VGA cable €5.00
DVI Cable €5.00
Pritt Stick (43g) €3.50
Page binders €0.10
A4 Copy Paper 10 sheets €0.20
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