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On this page we present our coworkers. They report their professional activities and tell how they hear about Coworking Bonn or what benefits they see in the concept of coworking.

Johannes Mirus

Johannes Mirus “Together with Sascha I am working on making Bonn more digital. For this we offer digital platforms to help businesses and institutions on their way to digitalization. The basis of our work is the networking of different groups and communities, including the connection of analog and digital worlds. These activities helped us already in merging with the Coworking Bonn, which is now the headquarter of our work. The coworking is the place where the network physically thrives. We want to help to make it a nucleus of, Silicon Bonn”.

Sascha Foerster

Sascha Förster “Along with Johannes Mirus we want to make Bonn digital for local networking and social media. For this purpose we build platforms like and, but we mainly advise local businesses and organizations how to communicate strategically. Coworking Bonn is exactly the place that we wanted for this local network work.”

Steve Paine

Steve „My name is Steve Paine, also known as Chippy, and I ran the multimedia studio at Coworking Bonn. You usually find me making videos of laptops, smartphones and tablets in the multimedia area. I’m also a blogger, internet security expert and mobile computer fanboy.” @Chippy, Youtube-Kanal

Wido Wirsam

Wido Wirsam“Wido Wirsam, I am IT freelancer and I am specialized in Microsoft technologies. I was already a regular at the smaller coworking space in Bonn-Poppelsdorf. That was a bit small, and was not as busy as here. Since then, I always kept an eye on how coworking in Bonn developed. And when they came up here, I was an enthusiastic Early Bird.”
@wido-w, intuisoft

Conrad Hoffmann

“I’m Conrad Hoffmann and I work as a software developer at Soundcloud in Berlin. I am a regular here in Bonn, since my girlfriend lives here and have therefore searched for places where you can work well. In Coworking Bonn I found it.” soundcloud

Polina Valia

“I am the Polina Valia, I work at Veyocare as City Manager in Bonn since April. I have explicitly looked for a coworking space in Bonn and have then found the space here successfully.”Facebookseite Veyo Care

Maximilian Greschke

“Hi my name is Maximilian Greschke. I am the CEO of Veyocare. We are a platform for elderly care services and connect freelance elderly caregivers directly with families and seniors. We integrate families via our technology platform, so that, for example, receive notifications when your own mother has been successfully picked up at the doctor. The whole thing has characterized a much more transparent level, as in the normal care. Through Polina I have become aware of the Coworking Bonn.” Veyo Care

Do you have questions about the Coworking space or rooms, criticism, suggestions or any other requests? We are looking forward to hearing from you!