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Coworking Bonn
Alternative Workspace for Freelancers, Self-Employed and Start-Ups

Why Coworking?

Our working world as a whole has changed rapidly over the last years. In the course of this, new solutions for working spaces and environments have sparked up, some of which have been further developed. The introduction of the internet has undoubtedly revolutionized the working world in practically no time. Humans are always connected and able to work at any time – no matter if at day or at night. The world has become smaller, distances have become shorter, and working ways significantly easier.

New forms of work

Coworking bureaus are an up-and-coming trend resulting from a mixture of modern technology and individual creativity. The idea of renting a coworking space that is endlessly compatible and individually customizable is the perfect alternative for freelancers, authors, creatives, or small start ups to rigid, infexible structures.

Flexible conditions

The alternative working space for freelancers and self-employed people clarifies the zeitgeist of modern working. That includes maintaining contact to the working community, drawing inspiration and motivation, as well as the resulting increase in productivity. Through coworking, doors that appeared to be closed some time ago, finally open. Make use of coworking and benefit from the flexible and favorable conditions.

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Meetingraum in Gänze
From  40
Conference room
Max person:
From  95
Seminar room
Max person:
Startup Arbeitsplätze
From  15
Start-Up work station
Max person:
Arbeitsplätze beleuchtet Panorama
From  15
Single work station
Max person:
From  8
Coworking Advantages
  • Total flexibility and comfortable conditions
  • No deposit, no lengthy contracts
  • Ample parking opportunities
  • Superb bus and rail connections
  • 2 kitchen and Lounge
  • Conference- and meeting rooms
  • Fully modern technology
  • Coffee at a flat rate

Pricing and details

What other Coworker say

Tische sind ein schnell übersehener Grundstein eines jeden Coworking Spaces, der wiederum bei aller Vielfalt in der Coworking-Szene die grundlegende Gemeinsamkeit darstellt. Deshalb hat es mich sehr beeindruckt, mit welcher Sorgfalt und seltenen Selbstverständlichkeit der Tisch als Element im Coworking Bonn mitgedacht, konzipiert und integriert wurde.

Tobias Schwarz - Netzpiloten
– Tobias Schwarz

Top-notch equipment, great co-workers and convenient location – that is Coworking Bonn in a nutshell. Even if you don’t work in the digital world like me – inspiring conversations are included in the rent. It was tough to leave.

Andre Eitner, Soil & More
– Andre Eitner

Perfekte Arbeitsumgebung wenn du mehr suchst als nur ein Schreibtisch. Tolles Büro mit extrem netten Coworkern die sich gerne gegenseitig mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen. Perfekt für alle die nicht mehr alleine Zuhause “vor sich hin” arbeiten möchten. Ich komme gerne immer wieder!

– Amos Struck

CoworKing Bonn provides deskspace incl. fast internet in a friendly environment. It’s located close to the city centre and main train station. The co-workers are easy to deal with and with the no-phone policy in the main room it is generally very quiet. There ate two nice kitchens, a meeting room and a coffeeshop style meeting area in case you need to have a phone call or a visitor. So: Perfect working conditions!!!

– Lars
Other Services

In addition to desks and workstations Coworking Bonn also offers meeting rooms, a seminar room and a variety of other services.

Interested? Give us a call on +49 228 43399414 or simply book your workstation online.

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